We’re the Cabecita Loca team, and we’ve come a long way to get here. Get to know our history.

With a degree in economics, he has before him a straight, flat, perfectly paved road, or in other words, a well-paying job. Victor took the hard road towards his passion. He dreamed of making wine. He abandoned comfort and trained as an oenologist for several years. Along the way he met his wife Isabel and together they considered the idea of returning to the place where their ancestors were born and lived to give free rein to their passion: winemaking.

It was 2014 when Victor and Isabel met Pablo and his daughter Bea. By that time they had already set up the old family home in Almunia de San Juan (Huesca) but they quickly saw that they needed to find people with whom to share their concerns and goals. Pablo and Bea had a winery and some vineyards in Montesa (Huesca) and both parties decided to enter into a collaboration agreement where they would share their knowledge and means for a common purpose.

We met Eloy a few years before he joined Cabecita Loca. From the beginning his great passion for the wine world and his admiration for our wines was evident. His training began at the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Lleida, where he graduated as a Sommelier and room specialist and later specialized in Technical Sommelier at the University of Zaragoza. Master in Sommelier and Enomarketing by the Basque Culinary Center (University of Mondragon), where he was trained by part of the national and international elite of the wine sector. He completed with honors the studies of the WSET Level 2 and Level 3 Qualification in Wines and Spirits, based in London, an Institution of international prestige.

From our beginnings, our products have always searched for restless palates and open minds, beyond any border. Mireia has a degree in Tourism and a Master’s degree from Bournemouth University (England). With great experience in marketing, she is multilingual, and above all she is in love with wines that are taken slowly. Since 2023 we have delegated to her all our enthusiasm to make our creations known far from home.