Tradition and style! 

We recover old recipes to compose vermouths that manage to excite. Aromas, volume, fruity sweetness, botanicals, alcohol, gentle bitterness and long, very long, to be enjoyed!

Our vermouths are a new concept of pleasure and fun that allows you to be a little “Cabecita Loca” today without it being incompatible with fulfilling the responsibilities of tomorrow.

Cabecita Loca vermouths are in vogue and you can find them in the coolest locations, but also in the most traditional specialized establishments.

In them you will only find grape must, wine alcohol and a base of quality white wine in which the botanical is macerated (this is the name given to the group of herbs, roots and flowers that make up its essence), made up of more than 20 natural extracts.

It is commonly said that our vermouths can be served chilled, without ice and without additions. However, it makes up a luscious experience when served in a margarita glass, with a touch of gin, a twist of lemon and an olive.

The difference in color is due to the combinations of ingredients used. That is why our white is more delicate, with a more subtle bitterness and our red is more Mediterranean.

The most important thing is not the choice itself but the conviction. Which one do you choose?