A few kilometers from Barbastro, the vineyards are located on stony slopes, poor and dry, at altitudes between 550 and 750 meters. A privileged climate at the foot of the Pyrenees and a respectful and traditional cultivation do the rest. 

Due to the characteristics of the land, the way of working and the low rainfall, only 2,500 kgs per hectare are obtained. 

The grapes obtained are very concentrated, both in sugar and in aromas and natural antioxidants, which will allow for a very low dose of sulfites in the wines for their conservation.

We produce wines of high expression that reflect the heritage of a land that looks to the future from an ancestral perspective of conceiving wine.

They are wines made with the minimum possible intervention, without haste, allowing time, oxygen and natural biological reactions to do their work so that they can express themselves in the most authentic way possible. That is why they are presented unclarified and lightly filtered.